LAk -> Intrusion Prevention System

A system that can detect and prevent intrusions is called an Intrusion Detection System.

A single compilation of source, binaries, scripts and whitepapers on Intrusion Prevention System. The aim; to get an intrusion prevention system started in minutes, more importantly to bring down the hype created by market players. Comprehensive documentation and regular updates available to keep you on the EDGE!!

LAk-IPS Getting Started

LAk-IPS Pre-requisites

Open Source - Intrusion Prevention System


The Honeynet Project originally developed majority tools or scripts used for this experiment. All credit goes to the pioneers of this technology; LAk uses modified versions of certain scripts to assemble an IPS. It is needless to say that IPTables has long been the only shield for our networks, thanks to The Netfilter Crew. More credit to The Snort Team. Thanks guys I get to eat because of you.

Project help is required to take LAk forward with its shot and long term goals. Experts interested in participating in the project may contact me asap. Secondly any suggestions or love/hate mails are welcome.

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Last Updated: July 15, 2003 21:06